Nov. 4, 2022 | Beware the “Stasi in our skulls,” warns Jonathan Rauch. Don’t become the police of our own minds: frightened, neurotic, demoralized ... more »

Nov. 3, 2022 | It’s become a mantra of American Marxism: “There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.” Where does that idea come from? ... more »

Nov. 2, 2022 | Why does the novel matter? For Karl Ove Knausgaard, the justification is its ability “to go into the world and hold it open”... more »

Nov. 1, 2022 | Languages are discrepant, words are slippery. Yet the case for translation, warts and all, is strong... more »

Oct. 31, 2022 | Durkheim is taught as a purveyor of timeless insights. But what of his blatant sexism and support for French imperialism?... more »

Oct. 29, 2022 | James Bennet’s firing from The New York Times was a sorry affair marked by cowardice and midcareer risk management... more »

Oct. 28, 2022 | Working at The New York Review: "Bob and Barbara are dinosaurs and we’re these mammals running around afraid of getting squashed"... more »

Oct. 27, 2022 | “What harm is done by letting conductors into our chamber music? More than you’d suspect”... more »

Oct. 26, 2022 | A collective amnesia stalks the book world: We assume queer writing is found only in the present. That’s wrong... more »

Oct. 25, 2022 | What’s the real threat to free expression: cancel culture or the fear of cancel culture? Eve Fairbanks pushes for the latter... more »

Oct. 24, 2022 | What exactly do we study when we study something like the South Asian diaspora? What is the purpose of ethnic studies?... more »

Oct. 22, 2022 | A bomb exploded outside the bedroom window of Freeman Dyson? He elaborated in one of his letters to a friend... more »

Oct. 21, 2022 | “I was never on a quest for sex itself, I was always on a quest for rock ’n’ roll.” It’s time to reconsider the groupie... more »

Oct. 20, 2022 | All aboard the Gone Girl cruise — yes, a cruise based on a novel about a woman faking her own abduction to take revenge on her partner... more »

Oct. 19, 2022 | Radical leftism must do more than pursue “citational justice,” equitable artistic representation, and fair tenure practices... more »

Oct. 18, 2022 | From violence in Berkeley to firings over gender-neutral bathrooms, the war on higher education is 50 years old... more »

Oct. 17, 2022 | Good writing exists between as-few-words-as-you-need and as-many-words-as-you-want, says Benjamin Dreyer. Where to draw the line?   ... more »

Oct. 15, 2022 | The corporatized position statement expresses solidarity, grief, and concern at various global events. It’s also devoid of politics   ... more »

Oct. 14, 2022 | Toni Morrison, Don DeLillo, and Thomas Pynchon were all “bad” Catholics. Was that key to their literary success? ... more »

Oct. 13, 2022 | “There is no surer sign of intellectual and moral bankruptcy than an association with the thought of Carl Schmitt” ... more »

Oct. 12, 2022 | As neuroscientists learn more about the brain, the more it's clear how little we understand about consciousness... more »

Oct. 11, 2022 | Is the capacity for caregiving innate, automatic, and distinctly female? No, the maternal instinct is a myth... more »

Oct. 10, 2022 | Surrealist ethnographer, tragic humanist, sensation-seeking existentialist: Who was Diane Arbus? ... more »

Oct. 8, 2022 | Leon Wieseltier on intersectional environmentalism: “To argue that the hole in the ozone layer was made by racism is to play into the hands of the hole-punchers” ... more »

Oct. 7, 2022 | In 1822, Henri Beyle was balding, fat, and prone to plagiarizing and misspelling. How did he become the author we know as Stendhal?  ... more »

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